Scelsi nel mondo

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Improvising with Scelsi
09 aprile 2019

Istituto di Cultura italiano a Melbourne

dalle 18h30 alle 20h00


This exciting conference/show at the IIC Melbourne with Italian violinist Marco Fusi and Australian musicologist Ian Parsons aims to discuss the foundations of a creative performance practice of Scelsis music, questioning dogmas such as Werk-text-treue and composers intentionality. A creative approach will be justified through the investigation of Scelsi's complex creative routine, looking for interpretative suggestions residing within his compositional artefact, his artistic praxis and his collaborative approach to performance.

The performance of two masterpieces, Xnoybis for solo violin and Manto for singing viola, will demonstrate the results of such an approach, presenting to the audience two remarkable works, deeply inspired by the meditative and transcendent compositional attitude of Scelsi.


During the event Marco Fusi will be performing the following works:

Giacinto Scelsi - Xnoybis I. II. III. For solo violin (1965) - 14'

Giacinto Scelsi - Manto I. II. III. For singing violist (1957) - 12’

Pauline Oliveros - Sonic Meditation I. “teach yourself to fly” (1974) - 8’ (approx)


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