Scelsi nel mondo

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Primary Languages Concert #2
10 gennaio 2020

Helsinki Central Library Oodi, Maijansali

Performers from the Sibelius Academy Helsinki and from the Strasbourg Academy of Music:

James Kahane, conductor
Javier Agudo, bass voice

Leïla Martin, percussion
Nicolas Mizen, saxophone, supported by the Safran Foundation for Music
Samuel Phua, saxophone
Aleksi Ruonavaara, double bass
Agnieszka Siemiankowska, contrabassoon
Matthieu Gaillard, clarinet
Benjamin Rabaté, saxophone


Giacinto Scelsi - Yamaon (1958) for bass voice and five low instruments, Finnish premiere

Yann Robin - Schizophrenia (2006) for clarinet and soprano saxophone, Finnish premiere

Sophie Lapierre - Fragmentaire (2018) for two saxophonists and allusive voice, Finnish premiere


Primary Languages is a Master's study project uniting 9 music students coming from 5 countries. This performance is focused on an unknown repertoire highly demanding. Based on composers working on different shapes of the language, the performers explore the links between the musical language and the speaking language. The very rarely played piece Yamaon by Giacinto Scelsi will be performed for the first time in Finland. Composed in 1958, Yamaon was premiered thirty years later, as the first performance after Scelsi died. Scelsi used the very first language of the very first city of the humanity (Ur), Robin depicts the schizophrenian behaviour through a raw art, while Lapierre challenges philosophy, musical notation, graphism and the performer's role.


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