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Giacinto Scelsi: the composer and his works
11 dicembre 2017

Istituto Italiano di Cultura Londra

This excerpt from “Life of Giacinto Scelsi written by himself” gives a mighty and enlightening insight on a reserved and meditative, ascetic and evanescent composer whose signature is the circle representing the sun in zen symbolism.
Giacinto endlessly explores the sound as “the first motion in the Immovable” by creating music, and he strives to fade behind the sound of (his) music not only by deliberately leaving little and enigmatic information about himself and always refusing to be portrayed, but even by abhorring dates and concealing those of his compositions, to turn them into something merely hypothetical.
To examine the personality and works of this revolutionary artist of sounds, the Italian Cultural Institute is delighted to feature a conversation between violinist Marco Fusi and composer Dimitri Scarlato.


In collaborazione con : City University e Fondazione Isabella Scelsi

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