The Foundation's statutory goals, farsightedly defined by founder Giacinto Scelsi, are the study and promotion of contemporary music, with special regard to the musical, literary and artistic oeuvre of Giacinto Scelsi as well as all literary, cultural and exhibition initiatives held both in Italy and abroad. The Foundation supports the research, study and dissemination of all forms of esoteric music, regardless of their origin and historical background.

The Isabella Scelsi Foundation pursues its statutory goals through a rich calendar of articulated activities that has intensified since 2004, touching different yet closely interrelated spheres:

- musical events (Museum)

- workshops, seminars, conferences, master classes (Museum and Archive)

- the preservation and promotion of Giacinto Scelsi's artistic and cultural legacy (Archive)

- scientific research

- scholarships

- International conventions

- the publication of magazines, monographs, collections of articles, conference proceedings

- the publication of critically revised scores

- album releases

- counseling services concerning musical, scientific and publishing activities launched by other institutions


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