The Museum

Open to the public since 1996, the Casa Scelsi Museum was created as per Giacinto Scelsi's wish to share his personal work (music, scores, poems, writings) and his beloved home, where he had lived and created for so many years. This apartment facing the solemn Roman Imperial fora still has so much to say about Scelsi, the man and the artist, and just entering its spaces opens up a new understanding of his life and oeuvre. Beacons of the past harmoniously coexist inside the museum. Every object, painting, musical instrument and book has its own story, making this a place of unique evocative power.  
Here you can admire the piano that the Maestro played with brilliant virtuosity, the legendary ondiolas that he used to express and modulate a new concept of sound, the refined oriental ornaments, ancient Tibetan trumpets – souvenir from the oriental travels of his youth –, the ethereal painting of a hindu deity of music, Dalì's world-renowned diptych Couple with Their Heads Full of Clouds (the original is displayed inside the MART-Contemporary and Modern Art Museum of Trento and Rovereto). The collection also includes a series of childhood photos - a few portray the Maestro with his beloved sister Isabella to whom he dedicated the Foundation - alongside a number of fun toys and odd objects like the flamboyant oriental headdress on display.  Let your gaze soar free from the top floor terrace garden of the museum and enjoy the breathtaking view onto the Palatine hills. From here, you can still spot the Maestro's favorite palm tree.


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