Isabella Scelsi

From our mother, she inherited the beauty, elegance and timeless style that come with great tradition. Although quite feminine, her mind had a masculine quality and she had an aptitude for law and diplomatic discussion. She enjoyed a moment of great success in Cairo and Geneva, which then belonged to the League of Nations, where she was admired and sought-after by the statesmen of the time who were often caught off-guard by her in-depth knowledge of international matters. She also had a real talent for sculpture.

However, family matters – such as the long illnesses of our father, mother and mine - kept her from really dedicating herself to her talent. She devoted herself to our care and assistance with genuine spirit of sacrifice and sense of duty, even though by nature she would have wanted and been able to do many other things - things that would have been easily achievable thanks to her beauty and personality. (Giacinto Scelsi Il sogno 101, Quodilibet 2010; pag.372)

I stopped traveling, I rarely left Rome and settled into a small apartment overlooking the Palatine hill that my sister left me out of affection, although she had bought and lovingly furnished this small house for herself. (Giacinto Scelsi Il sogno 101, Quodilibet 2010; pag. 346)

So I stayed with my sister: good, kind, brave, intelligent – so much more than me -, an invaluable pillar of moral and practical support in all circumstances, always by my side, no matter what. (Giacinto Scels Il sogno 101, Quodilibet 2010; pag. 361)


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