The Scelsi Archive is the beating heart of the Maestro's cultural and artistic legacy, collecting both paper documents (both hand-written and printed: scores, correspondence, notes, theatre programmes, press reviews, photographs, drawings, etc.) and recordings (about 500 tapes, over 900 shellac gramophone records and about 200 vinyls) that are not only of great interest but also an essential reference point for the international scientific community. The Archive is enhanced by its extensive bibliography and discography sections and by a complete collection of scores – a useful instrument for those interested in approaching the Maestro's oeuvre.

The Isabella Scelsi Foundation's activities are made possible by the support of:

  • The Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities - General Directorate for Libraries and cultural institutions
  • The Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities - General Directorate for Archives
  • The Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities  - Lazio Superintendency of Archives
  • Lazio Region, Superintendency of book heritage

Among the many activities fostered by the Archive:

  • reorganization, inventory and cataloging of documentary heritage;
  • scientific guidance for musicologists, performers, scholars, publishers, record companies and enthusiasts;
  • research projects created in collaboration with Universities, research centers and cultural production hubs worldwide;
  • establishing institutional partnerships and collaborations in order to fully achieve the Foundation's scientific and cultural goals;
  • the cycle of conferences "Appunti d’Archivio" curated by Alessandra Carlotta Pellegrini and meant to shine a light on contemporary music, its leading figures, recurrent and crucial issues, thus creating a unique space for reflection and discussion on contemporary musical culture. Ongoing since 2013, these encounters address a diverse, manifold audience of scholars, composers, musicians, national and international intellectuals who wish to approach and examine in depth all subjects related to Giacinto Scelsi's music.


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