Scelsi in the world

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Scelsi /Agnese Toniutti / piano
21 May 2019

Galerie Hus, Paris
ore 20.30

Le silence dans le son / opus #4

A musical journey into Giacinto Scelsi’s (Piteli 1905 - Rome 1988) creative and philosophical world, through his piano music and a selection of writings and poetry. Live performance of his repertoire is mixed to audio recordings of excerpts taken from his written production. The project aims to give an engaging insight into the composer’s world, and is based on musical, biographical and archival research.

Quattro Illustrazioni sulle Metamorfosi di Visnu (1954)
I. Shésha - Shàyí Vishnu
II. Varaha – Avatàra
III. Rama – Avatàra
VI. Krishna – Avatàra

Suite n. 10 “Ka” (1954)
- I
- II
- IV Molto timbrato
- V Squillante
- VI Squillante, pungente
- VII Violento

Un adieu (op. post.)

reading voice: Sebastiano D’Ayala Valva
Selection of writings from: Le poids net and L’Archipel Nocturne by G. Scelsi, G.Scelsi - Poesie edited by N.Ferrari (collection of G.Scelsi’s poems translated in italian), Les anges sont ailleurs... edited by S. Kanach

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